Conflict over the uplands in social media?

41dtDGw5TtL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_If you all turn to p273 of your copies of Inglorious then you will find an exhortation from me to use social media in our campaign to ban driven grouse shooting.

Written in January 2015 it lists the Twitter followers of the following organisations and individuals. Here are what they were then, in June 2016 when I did an update and what they are now:



Moorland Association @moorlandassoc 291; 462; 1389

GWCT @gameandwildlife 5,500; 9,655; 18,100

BASC @bascnews 10,500; 14,300; 26,100

Countryside Alliance @caupdates 15,600; 20,600; 28,100

Me @markavery 19,200; 26,700; 43,600

Chris Packham @chrisgpackham 117,000; 159,000; 415,800

RSPB @natures_voice 145,000; 230,000; 357,900

And here’s another;

Wild Justice @wildjustice_org 0; 0; 16,282


2 Replies to “Conflict over the uplands in social media?”

  1. I’ve never used Twitter in my life, but if anything could tempt me to start its that unbelievable shot of of the Demoiselle that popped up next to your post. What a cracker, well done Andy!

  2. Do you know Mark if there is any date envisaged yet for the Parliamentary debate on your 100,000 signature petition for banning driven grouse shooting?

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