This is an occasional update on the main Twitter accounts of some of our favourite wildlife organisations (and BASC and GWCT).

The table below shows the number of followers in thousands (NT 886,000 followers).

A caveat: you can’t judge a man, or an organisation, by the size of their Twitter following, but in a world of social media growth, and in a field where communication is quite important, these things are of passing interest.

One more caveat: lots of followers doesn’t mean that anyone likes or even reads your tweets. I follow several of these accounts without paying them much attention most of the time.

Another caveat: other social media outlets are available, eg Facebook, tumblr etc

Yet another caveat: many of these organisations have multiple Twitter accounts (so do I; @fightingforbirds and @Inglorious_Book).

Last caveat: probably no single person on Earth knows what these organisations are aiming to do with all their Twitter accounts, so it’s very difficult to know which is succeeding most.

@national trust                        880
@chrisgpackham                     421
@natures_voice                        360
@wwf_uk                                   244
@woodlandtrust                      227
@wildlifetrusts                         205
@_BTO                                         97
@Birdlife_news                          79
@savebutterflies                       75
@buzz_dont_tweet                    52
@mcsuk                                      51
@_BCT_                                        47
@markavery                               44
@love_plants                              43
@WWTworldwide                      38
@worldlandtrust                        26
@BASCnews                                26
@gameandwildlife                     18

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1 Reply to “Tweets”

  1. As you say there are lots of caveats. Another would be who the followers include - a few highly influential followers probably count for a very large number of 'men and women in the street' in terms of advancing your agenda. Nevertheless the numbers do reflect something real even if its hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. It would be interesting to know how these numbers are changing over time - is anyone coming up fast on the inside and is someone else slipping down the rankings?


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