Raptor Aid interviewed me

I spent five hours on Microsoft Teams and Zoom yesterday, and was knackered at the end of it. Not sure why – all I was doing was chatting to nice people.

Here is my 1-hour chat to Jimmi Hill of Raptor Aid about blogging, writing, campaigning and driven grouse shooting.

Tonight we have been joined by Dr. Mark Avery formally of the RSPB and their head of conservation for 13 years we’re talking all things politics, blogging and campaigning. Mark has been blogging and writing articles and books on various aspects of the environment for many years. He shares with us his experiences and why it matters to make a noise. We can’t stay away from the topic of driven grouse shooting and focus on Hen Harriers, getting Marks insight into what he really wants to achieve along with many other topics.An hour really wasn’t long enough! Thanks for your time Mark – enjoy the wine!

Posted by Raptor Aid on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thanks Jimmi for the opportunity. And there are some much motre interesting interviews on the Raptor Aid facebook page with the likes of Brian Etheridge, Ruth Tingay and Cathleen Thomas.


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  1. Knackered ? I am not surprised- I think it is to do with eye strain staring at a PC and perhaps lack of real contact with the human you are talking to. I fear we underestimate this lack human physical contact when we ‘meet’ people on zoom, skype etc. We may travel less in future but there will be downsides.

  2. Very good interview .
    I would have liked to have heard Jimmi’s views as a falconer himself on wild hacking and the licences for taking Peregrine chicks but it was him interviewing you not the other way round.

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