Sunday book review – Snared by Bob Berzins

As regular readers of this blog will know, Bob Berzins has written several guest blogs here, mostly about goings on in the Peak District but also about other upland areas. This book, written by Bob Berzins, published by Bob Berzins and, because I can’t find an acknowledgement to anyone else in the book, probably the jacket design is by Bob Berzins, is also about the uplands and it has, to me, a distinct Peak District feel to it.

This novel is about wildlife crime in the uplands and members of the National Gamekeepers Organisation need not look for many pats on the back in these pages. And the legal profession does not have many heroes in this book (but a few villains) and landowners (whether Moorland Association or Country Land and Business Association) don’t all come out of it well. But, of course, this is fiction.

It’s a good story which takes the reader along quickly and at the end of each short chapter one is always tempted to start the next, and the next, so the book flies along. Once you start the book, you’ll be trapped, maybe Snared into reading all of it. It is quite long, at 350+ pages but I didn’t feel at the end of it that it was too long. I enjoyed it.

As an account of some of the bad things that happen in the uplands, this isn’t fiction at all. If some people read this book and think ‘That sort of thing can’t really be going on…can it?’ and then discover that it can, not everywhere but in far too many places, then it will jhave served a very usefuil purpose. But even if it doesn’t have that impact, then it is still a good read.

Bob Berzins runs, measures, photographs and campaigns – and now we know he writes books too. Buy a copy of Snared so that Bob makes a tiny amount of money and I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

Snared by Bob Berzins is published by Bob Berzins.


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  1. As a man of the crags and Moorland Bob has involved himself directly in the plight of the uplands over the years and in ways highlighted in this blog. By publishing this book he is clearly not intent on making a million but rather on telling the story of what goes on. That he manages to roll virtually every aspect of driven Grouse shooting into one story and tells the story so well is a great achievement. It makes a good read for those in the know but it is surely intended as a means by which to educate. The least we can do to support Bob’s effort is read the book and to buy copies or lend ours and help spread the word. Top marks to a top bloke.

    1. It is indeed a good read, but yes, do lend it out to others who have yet to understand our moorlands. Better still, buy them a copy.
      It would also make a good tv mini series. A taker for that would be excellent, but maybe a step too brave?

  2. I suspect that although I have yet to read either that Bob’s book is considerably closer to the truth than the Scottish Gamekeepers Association inspired foray into fiction ‘Stagg Munro and his Golden Encounter’. I believe in the latter the eagle doesn’t die and the gamekeeper doesn’t treat his dog like shit. I saw Bob (he’s hard to miss) at the first ever national conference of Revive Coalition for Grouse Moor Reform last year. It was in Perth so if he came up especially for it that was a bloody long drive and effort. Dedicated fellah wish I’d got round to saying hello and shaking his hand, but will definitely read Snared.

  3. I’ve read this book and can only marvel that Bob has the writing string on his many talented bow too. A very good read that draws the reader in and it is a difficult book to put down. As somebody who has spent half a lifetime involved with moorland in the Nidderdale AONB, Dales and Bowland it also rings very true. Read it absorb the background facts and lend to others to spread the word, a simply brilliant book Bob!
    How are you getting on with the common Buzzard and the trespass book, Mark?

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