2 Replies to “100,000 e-actions – thank you!”

  1. Great achievement. The interviews of politicians with Chris Packham have also been really great. Pity George Eustice was the only one to refuse being interviewed. However it speaks volumes, as clearly he does not want to participate in the discussion about stopping, the abuses, great cruelties, the criminal works and the environmental destruction, all associated with driven grouse shooting.
    At least we now know where he stands and that is, clearly on the side of the shooters and their terrible goings on and their love to kill our wildlife for the fun of it.

  2. Huge congratulations Mark, Chris, Fabian, RSPB, Hen Harrier Action and Wild Justice. I think this has been really valuable in engaging our politicians and increasing awareness of Raptor persecution and the unsustainable damaging practices associated with DGS. It has been great to read the various replies people have been getting.

    Now we have got to the stage where over 100k people are eager like last year to sign a petition I feel the challenge is to engage our MPs more just like how this E Action does. I would be positive about doing this again in the future especially if the RSPB’s position changes. It would be great if Nature’s Home featured it.

    Chris’ interviews have been fantastic. I think it is particularly great to hear from our politicians and give them a platform to pledge their support. With Scottish elections coming up next year I am interestingly hopeful that a cross party group of MSPs could be grown to help influence election manifestos.

    Have you ever considered interviewing politicians for your blog?

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