Tim Melling – Badger

Badger. Photo: Tim Melling

Tim writes: back in May, during lockdown, something had tipped over both of my heavy birdbaths during the night, so I bought a cheap infrared trail camera to see if I could discover the culprit.  On the very first night I found I had both Fox and Badger visiting the garden, and they have continued to visit almost nightly.   I scatter peanuts on the lawn after sunset (otherwise the Woodpigeons would hoover them up) and both Fox and Badgers will feed on these.   The often Badgers come singly, sometimes in pairs, and occasionally in threes, but I have had five together on a couple of occasions.   I only have a single fox though, recognisable by a small nick in her ear.   Sometimes they arrive early, at about 10:30pm and then I can attempt photographs with my proper camera. For these photographs my son held a torch shining through the kitchen window and I went through to the lounge and quietly opened the patio doors.  They seem happy to continue feeding, even with a torch shining on them, and will come within touching distance to eat every last peanut. 

These was taken without flash at an almost unbelievable 51,200 ISO.  It was with a 300mm f4 Nikkor lens at F4 1/250 hand held.

Badger. Photo: Tim Melling

Mark writes: the Wild Justice e-petition to end the inhumane shooting of Badgers, which was only published on Thursday morning, already has 34,000+ signatures. If it gets to 100,000 signatures then there will be a Westminster Hall debate of the issues.

To see if you’d like to add your voice – click here please. Thank you!

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