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Tim Melling – Long-tailed Skua

Tim writes: called Long-tailed Jaeger in America, but they are one and the same species.  Long-tailed are the smallest and rarest of the skua family.  They breed on tundra where they feed mainly on lemmings and voles.  But they winter off the continental shelf in the southern hemisphere, mainly off South America and Africa where […]

Tim Melling – Common Rosefinch

Tim writes: I have heard this bird described by three different names plus one uncomplimentary nickname.  The official name is Common Rosefinch, but older bird books describe it as Scarlet Rosefinch or Scarlet Grosbeak.  But there are dozens of Rosefinch species in Asia, most of which have pink males, so scarlet doesn’t really differentiate it.  […]

Tim Melling – Bluethroat

I think that Bluethroat is Europe’s most beautiful songbird. The throat looks  colourful enough to be a Christmas tree decoration and the copper triangles on its tail sides are exquisite.  Its scientific name Luscinia svecica translates as Swedish Nightingale and it was in northern Sweden where I photographed this stunning male.  There are two main […]

Tim Melling – Hawk Owl

This is a Hawk Owl landing in a tree top in Sweden that I took in May this year.  They occur at low density in the boreal forest zone right across Europe, Siberia and North America.  I think that they are the only owl that is most active during the daytime.  Other daytime owls are […]

Tim Melling – Yellow-browed Warbler

  Tim writes: The Yellow-browed Warbler is an enigma.  It breeds in Siberia east of the Urals and winters in Malaysia and Thailand.  Yet it occurs with great regularity in Britain, usually in autumn.  To arrive in Britain would involve a journey of at least 4000 km, but flying in totally the wrong direction to […]