I’ll be on Today programme after 0840 this morning with the lovely Tim Bonner


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  1. Just listened to the Saturday compilation of Farming today
    I noticed the bit was cut where she asked you if you just wanted to ban shooting and you (emphatically) said No.

    1. Just listened to the “discussion” on the the player. What I found just incredible was that while you, Mark, were saying all the facts of the matter without distortion, Bonner was saying things that are just incorrect. The trouble is when trying to deal or talk to these people , is that they will say anything usually without a grain of evidence for what they say. This is a common feature these days with right wing extremists.
      This situation is not easy to deal with when one is used to dealing with facts and especially when the interviewer is very mediocre as was the case here. But well done Mark.

  2. For those ‘in the know’ this was predictable and expected. The value is moving the discussion from Farming Today to Today and a larger, less prejudiced, audience.

  3. I guess that one of the issues that scares the shooting industry is how they justify the number of birds released when compared with the number consumed. Would they admit that, as we commenters on this blog say, the rest are just shot for fun.

  4. Tim Bonner sounded a bit of a desperate problem denier, one wonders how long he can survive with his head in the rarified atmosphere of air rather than deep in his usual bucket of bile and sand. On the other hand you sound authoritative, confident, jaunty even and thereby won hands down.

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