More avian/poultry flu cases in captive and wild birds.

Poultry establishments:

2 November nr Deal, Kent

2 November, nr Frodsham, Cheshire

11 November, nr Leominster, Herefordshire

‘Wild’ birds including non-natives:

Canada Goose and Greylag at WWT Slimbridge, Glos

‘Swan’ nr Dawlish, Devon (this was a Black Swan and cygnets according to the BBC)

‘Goose’ nr Weymouth, Devon (illustrated with a Canada Goose in the Dorset Echo but that probably doesn’t mean very much)

DEFRA continue to demonstrate their complete blindness to which species of ‘wild’ birds have been reported with H5N8 bird/poultry flu. At the moment none of these is confirmed as a migratory or truly wild bird – remember some regard wildfowl collections and zoos as being populated by ‘wild’ birds (see here and here).