Lockdown2 birdlist – not much progress

In the first week of Lockdown2 I saw 27 bird species. I saw all of them again this week (except LTTit and Green Woodpecker) but I brought the cumulative list up to 29 with Herring Gull and Rook.

It’s not quite like sprng, is it?!


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  1. Hi Mark, yes, feels very different to Spring. Our garden (surrounded by arable as part of a strip of 12 gardens) feels far less hospitable to birds. The spring lockdown gave a chance to watch sucessional flowering of lawn and shrubs, and enjoy leaves unfurling. Now the blast of autumn colour has gone, gardens just feel bleak. In Cambridgeshire we have a garden bird survey, logging weekly birds using the garden, and definitely fewer than earlier in the year. Tough times to keep our motivation up, but I think its going to bemore of a time for reading, planning campaigns, catching up on records, etc….

    1. All very true Louise but there are still pleasures to be had, although to be fare we in Wales are no longer in lockdown but being of a certain age we are both being careful. I ringed 49 birds in the garden on Monday including 17 Goldfinches, 8 Siskins and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers. We also have a new dog ( rescued/rehomed) so getting out locally, learning about each other and meeting nobody else in the process is good. New bird seen from the garden this week Great White Egret and my partner who has lived here much longer than I had a close encounter with a Barn Owl early yesterday, her first locally in over 30 years, the joys of dog walking. However I am doing a lot of reading.

      1. walk round the local fields – grey partidge covey right behind the house brightened this morning…….cant count it on the garden list though!

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