Thoughts on 2020 (4) – politics

Do you think better or worse about politicians at this end of 2020 than this time last year? Has a crisis of COVID-19 and the challenge of Brexit raised or lowered your estimation of the politicians that you and our fellow voters elected? Come to that, do you feel more impressed or less impressed about your fellow human beings as a whole?

I don’t think my opinion has changed much. I thought that Johnson was a lying shallow oaf this time last year and my view, or prejudice (you decide), has been strengthened by events this year. I just hope that others have come closer to my view and that those include some of those who were taken in by him and his persona at the last general election.

Whereas I thought that Keir Starmer was an upright thoughtful person this time last year that impression has grown over time.

Has the government performed well this year – with the massive challenges it has faced? Its handling of coronavirus has been dire – any thought that this bunch of Tories had the public interest at heart and had the competence to deliver for us all departed long ago. Over-promising and under-delivering, dithering and acting far too late have been the hallmarks of their approach.

The right wing of the Tory party quite simply appalls me with their ignorance and their arrogance and the left wing of the Tory party has largely left the party! It comes to something when Jeremy Hunt (still keen to be Prime Minister, I’m sure) looks like one of the more sensible ones!

Our post-Brexit standing as a nation is much diminished and we are now a house very divided. If I were in Scotland I would be looking for independence from the influence of English far-right Tories and no mistake.

I don’t trust this government’s word – at all. And I don’t trust its ability – much. But I fear that the lure of blinkered optimism, that is not so much optimism as fantasy, will still pull many towards false and vague promises.

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13 Replies to “Thoughts on 2020 (4) – politics”

  1. I've been increasingly impressed with out First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as the year has gone on and increasingly shocked, saddened and maddened by the bunch of clowns in government in Westminster. Thought Starmer was off to a good start and perhaps PMQ's is actually like shooting fish in a barrel but nontheless he is making a decent fist of it. Very disappointed and cross about his approach to the Brexit vote. Should have abstained or voted against.

    That approach is not going to help Labour in Scotland.

  2. You are right about Johnson but Kier Starmer is a big disappointment. A bit of a windsock, as someone said. Labour should have abstained yesterday or voted against - apparently they backed the government because of the results of private polling. The deadline was a totally artificial one of Johnson's making and Starmer fell into the trap of backing a disastrous deal.

    Some excellent speeches in the Lords from the Lib Dems who shone. The best bit was the (Conservative, I think) peer who said leaving the EU was escaping "the horrors of unaccountable power", as he supported the bill which gives ministers unprecedented Henry VIII powers and was pushed through parliament with no scrutiny. Weep for the future of the Union, although I'd be happy to see NI go peacefully.

    1. I agree about NI, can't comment on Wales, but the Westminster parties have and are doing nothing about the situation in Scotland. It has to be said however that when they try it has the effect of deepening the support for independence. If there was a yes/no vote tomorrow, I'd vote Yes. I was No last time.

      1. Interesting, Bimbling. It was so stupid of Cameron to hold an advisory referendum on the EU, which he managed to turn into a binding one, without considering the need for consent from all the countries that make up the UK. That was all compounded of course by J Corbyn's half-hearted support for Remain and the shameless tactics of Leave.

        As a result, I have changed my view on Scottish independence. It will be sad if Scotland goes but if that's what the people there want, so be it. How Scotland could afford to be an independent country, I have no idea. I have Scottish relatives living in England and English relatives living in Scotland - certainly a hard border wouldn't make much sense.

        1. I guess Scotland might afford to be a small independent European country much the same as Portugal, or Greece or Hungary are small independent countries with much the same GDP, trying to care for all our people, environment, and businesses.
          The old saw that Scotland is a subsidy junkie doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Scotland has its problems but they're never going to be solved in Westminster. Better to own our problems and solve them ourselves.
          Dare I say Sovereignty and Freedom. (In at least a partially ironic way)
          Here's to 2021, interesting times after May.

          1. Thanks Bimbling. Good luck! I guess Shetland might vote to go to Norway though, but perhaps that's one referendum Nicola wouldn't sanction.

  3. As somebody who has never voted Tory and has always felt uncomfortable under their governments, the year started with a very, very low opinion of Johnson as a lying pantomime clown surrounded by other even less talented bigots of the same ilk. The past year has only made him and them look even worst than I could have imagined, always behind the curve on Covid, frankly appalling policies and utterances about the folk so desperate for a chance of a decent life they cross the channel in rubber boats and the disaster that is Brexit with a deal worse than that of May agreed at the last possible moment , one suspects to avoid any chance of real parliamentary scrutiny.
    Disappointed in Starmer falling into the trap of supporting it Labour should have abstained, voting for the awful deal will come back to haunt them. Otherwise Starmer is making a decent fist of it. Both Sturgeon and Drakeford have been better on the pandemic, although with a thinly spread NHS here in Wales we were always going to struggle despite the incredible dedication of staff. I have always believed Ireland is one country so have no time for the unionist bigots at all.
    We need the patience of Job and the legendary luck of the Irish in 2021 to get back to where we need to be despite the politicians.
    My faith in ordinary folk has gone up and down with news stories of selfless help and kindness to others and the sheer selfish stupidity of some.

  4. I'm 57 and this is the worst UK government of my lifetime. I despised the Thatcher Government who despised people like me. But at least they had big ideas, an agenda beyond ego and personal enrichment. They were effective in delivering that agenda which is why it cost everyone else so much.

    However I now know that a government that is indifferent, dishonest, deeply corrupt, and comprehensively incompetent is far worse.

  5. I thought Cameron was awful and then May was even worse. Surely after May the only way was up? Sadly not. Johnson is definitely the worst Prime Minister (and leader of the worst government) I can recall in my lifetime. It's hilarious to think that the Tories pride themselves on being 'good managers' - anything but on the strength of their management of the covid crisis.

  6. I must admit the more I see of of this Government in Westminster the rapidly worse it gets if that is possible. They are “rotten to the core”
    Did people read today that Stanley Johnson, father of the head of this rotten Government, is applying for French citizenship? Apparently he wants to keep his EU citizenship. I well understand that and wish I could qualify as well. Stanley Johnson had a key role in the drafting of the Birds and the Habitats Directives for the EU.
    I do agree that Nicole Sturgeon is an impressive lady and I wish her very well. She is excellent for Scotland. Sir Keir Stammer needs a bit more time before we pass too much judgement but I think he will do well.
    I think in 2021 people will come to realise that leaving the EU is one of the biggest mistakes in our history. Reading the American press today this Westminster Government is going to receive a pretty frosty reception and little help from President Elect Joe Biden when he moves to the White House. Apparently he has little inclination to talk to the U.K. now we are not part of the EU.


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