High speed petition going like a train


If you wonder what the route of HS2 is, then this map of where the signatures come from might help.

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4 Replies to “High speed petition going like a train”

  1. 100k! Chris doesn’t appear to want a knighthood does he.
    Yet again Mark you have put up a petition I knew nothing about. I guess if you follow Chris on Twitter or whatever they do nowadays then you would know, but how else?
    The map clearly shows the line so local campaigners will have also put the news out but I really hope the map doesn’t continue to show that bias. This concerns every taxpayer in the country and everyone who cares for our environment. It’s not needed, not wanted and work should stop now.
    What part of ‘people now working from home more, people now using Zoom more’ do the government not understand.

    1. Easily found on most social media platforms. CP was live at midday on Facebook with an excellent resume of the case against HS2. Pretty sure Mark's blog helped it through the 100k target this morning.

  2. Thanks for drawing attention to this Mark. Those people along the route, especially towards the southern end, are already witnessing horrendous destruction of nature and disruption to life, so it isn't surprising that they are behind the petition. But this expensive scheme and it's dire consequences have implications for the whole of the UK, so please don't think it doesn't matter to you, wherever you live. And whilst work is already underway on it, there are years and years to go, with masses more destruction and disruption and spiralling costs. Unfortunately I fear that it's a living embodiment of the sunk cost fallacy which this Government is unlikely to address.

    1. What an utter waste of time this petition is and unfortunately likely to make conservationists look rather stupid. Still I guess its only taking a minute or so to "sign" online and all who do will feel virtuous for doing so.

      Its unfortunate the Chris Packham has got a bee in his bonnet about HS2, though at least now he is admitting it will be carbon neutral eventually and of course for a 100 or more years in to the future, when younger generations will appreciate a vital transport link that enables people to travel quickly and safely around the country.

      Now if there was a bit of fuss being made about the Governments road building plans, which by the way will destroy far more woodland and have a greater lasting impact on the natural environment then I'd be all in favour. yet funnily enough there isn't a peep.

      You say expensive scheme, by what benchmarks? Justify that claim.

      Dire consequences? What the improving the connectivity between all parts of the UK and especially the Midlands and the North West, North east and Scotland?

      Please don't come up with the old chestnut about the pandemic meaning it won't be needed, its not a commuter railway, people will still need to travel in the future, I'd rather they used train instead of cars or domestic flights.

      It does matter to me, though I shall be unlikely to use it, but it would be nice to think the UK will at last have a modern fast carbon neutral transport system going forward. Shame its about 20 years late but its under way and we should celebrate that.

      Perhaps if we put the energies involved in this pointless protest, into persuading government to go further, encourage the shift of more freight to rail, which HS2 will allow by freeing up capacity on other rail routes allow, to encourage travel by rail, by reviewing the fares policy and making it easy and affordable to travel, then we'd be pursuing an endeavour that would benefit the country.


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