A newcomer…


…looks interesting.

Feargal Sharkey, Richard Benyon, George Monbiot and Ben Goldsmith – a heady mixture… I’ll watch with interest.

It’s good to see a member of the DEFRA board and an ex-DEFRA minister have so much faith in our environment department that they join a campaigning group.


2 Replies to “A newcomer…”

  1. I wish them luck but having to lobby the “dead mutton” of the current Defra personnel in the form of Eustice and others, will not very productive. For example, the burning of our moorlands and the consequential increase of polluted rain water run off and its increase short term volume peaks is not going to cease. Defra and the Tories are too allied to the shooters of our wildlife for fun, to allow the proper cessation of moorland burning.

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