DEFRA promised consultation on gamebird releases now two weeks late

Seven week old pheasant chicks, often known as poults, after just being released into a gamekeeper’s release pen on an English shooting estate

DEFRA told stakeholders (ghastly word – and anyway DEFRA’s stakeholders are taxpayers and citizens) that it would issue the necessary consultation on its promised gamebird release restrictions on 8 February. It didn’t and it still hasn’t.

DEFRA has not revealed when it might issue its consulation except in an email to ‘stakeholders’ half way through the day on which the consultation had been promised which said it would emerge in the coming ‘weeks’ – two of those coming weeks are now past weeks.

Wild Justice has pointed out to the government legal department that there is a court order requiring them to get everything sorted out to prevent releases of non-native Phesants and Red-legged Partridges that might damage European protected sites this year.

This is quite an important part of the DEFRA omnishambles.


5 Replies to “DEFRA promised consultation on gamebird releases now two weeks late”

  1. Their plan is most likely to do nothing and carry on as normal.
    This seems to be their answer to pretty much everything!

  2. “… stakeholders (ghastly word …)”

    Yeah but no but – I think we are stuck with it. I think it was borrowed from the Corporate/Industry sector and has infiltrated everything else as an umbrella term. I suppose it has utility as shorthand to convey a general meaning without the need to be specific.

    It’s a bit like the one I dislike most: soil “health”, which has been described as “… a nebulous concept that should be expunged from the vocabulary … in the absence of an objective definition of “health”, the only alternative is a subjective definition which describes healthy soils as those which have the characteristics which human beings value … healthy soils are those which can be exploited in some way for economic gain”

    The “H” word seems destined to be reluctantly accepted as shorthand by soil function stakeholders

  3. Given the court involvement DEFRA cannot surely just let this slide and let their pals in shooting carry on regardless, I’m sure this is what they would like to do. At what stage are the courts going to be involved if that does happen, of course that would make DEFRA look even worse ( if that is possible) than they do now and presumably in contempt of court rather than just contemptable anyway.

  4. I’d feel better about being called a stakeholder if I was allowed to call the Tories vampires.

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