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  1. And to what extent is the system caused by our choosing the cheapest option on food whenever we can get it? Economics is a massive influence on these things.

    1. Of course economics is a massive influence but why should consumers have to research food production practices to decide what food to buy? Shouldn’t animal welfare conditions and practices be of such a high standard that factory farming shouldn’t exist?

      1. The American satirist Bill Maher delivered a brilliant piece to camera about how covid was the direct result of the insanity of using wildlife to furnish traditional ‘medicine’ and gourmet nic nacs. It was beautifully and powerfully done. About a week later he spoke directly to camera and highlighted that before we felt too smug, intensive animal agriculture was just as risky and disgusting as what was happening in Asia. He ended with an image of someone stuck in their home due to covid restrictions suggesting we’re going to end up like much of our livestock – trapped in tiny spaces.

        1. Les, most cows in summer have one care each on average.
          Of course in winter they need accommodation for their benefit and to stop the ground getting trodden and compacted.
          Strangely you seem to enjoy being in a building but dislike farmers looking after their cows.
          There is really no such thing as factory farming on most farms but this drop doing a cartoon takes advantage of public’s naivety.

          1. I think the public are very concerned that Brexit will mean a drop in the higher animal welfare standards we see on UK farms and a move towards accepting the USA model of farming which is apparently more industrial. Maybe our standards will be retained or even improved but will the UK import previously banned farm products from the USA and other countries? It’s not about attacking UK farmers, most people want UK farms to survive and thrive without having to resort to industrial production methods to survive. UK farms have their problems even with the best intentions and farmers need support to deal with the changing market and climate.

  2. You all might tirade against farmers, but you are just as guilty as the next man. Human’s created this system because we wanted it, and you and I must take our fair share of the shame that is associated with modern day living. It would be an educated guess that most of you are well off or at least comfortable within your lifestyle, and will be unlikely with next week’s budget looming that you’ll be visiting a food bank in the coming weeks – but that’s the reality for many in this country. Yes, it’s obscene that animals are exploited and abused in this way, but that’s inherent human nature. I don’t see the difference between what’s happening on these farms to the animal exploitation administered by the Packham’s and Avery’s et als of this world. Packham and his bird are just as exploitive as any farmer, making money from you by caging these animals in antiquated Victorian shit-holes called Zoos, which every single one should have been consigned to history a long time ago. He’s very forthright in bleedin’ on about his mental problems, well, all of you now have had a taste of confinement, it’s not great, imagine those tiger’s, day in, day out stuck in those bloody cages, what price their mental health? And Avery with his approbation for horse racing. His winnings making him deliriously happy with a few quid to spend down the offy, but imagine if I put a saddle on his back, stuck my knees in his rib cage, and made him jump fences? He’ll probably have me on a human rights charge, but animals don’t get such privileges.

  3. None of people commenting on here know anything about farming.If you had worked on a farm you would know more about it.
    For instance lots of hens if not most are free range, most cows go out to grass for summer and inside for their benefit in winter. Injections only used basically to cure illnesses or painkillers to dehorn cattle to stop them injuring each other.
    Quite honestly what these people know about farming is what the press put out and like clots they believe.

      1. Maybe if farmers commenting here spent more time around people they’d understand more about them.

        1. Time Les you stopped using odd cases to back up your hatred for farmers.
          You have used the odd cases you spoke of here that were not really relevant to poultry farming in general where thousands of poultry farmers try very hard to look after Hens in their care.
          Shame on you

        2. Dave,I understand what you say.
          I Think the problem is that suppose I come on here and say most cows have use of a card of grassland for the day seven months April to October (in fact it is very difficult to not use more than that for each one and that is a fact)then those with a very strong dislike of farmers it suits there purpose to talk about factory farming.
          Of course most farmers are nothing like that.
          Keeping cattle indoors in winter is common sense.
          Look how close together humans congregate when it suits them.

      2. Exactly I actually spent forty years so guess I know more than some silly person only managing OOh arr.
        Guess that used all your brain cells

    1. Over a two year period I spent a year in total living and working on a farm – including a winter in an unheated, uninsulated caravan with no running water, having a shower required boiling a kettle. Hardly the Shackleton Expedition, but considerably less pleasant or comfortable circumstances than the vast majority of ‘country’ people who like to rail against no nothing townies live in I warrant.

      For twenty four years now I’ve desperately wanted one of your lot to come at me with the cliched ‘Have YOU ever seen what a fox does when it gets in a hen coop!?!’ – indeed I have, and better still I knew that was going to happen before it did because I was one of the farm workers asked to patch the coop up, with old doors and broken fencing. It was an incident waiting to happen, I strongly suspect many suburban hens are better looked after than many hobby hens on farms. I knew to take claims about foxes decimating hens with a pinch of salt before, now I take two pinches.

      This view was bolstered when I helped house sit for a borders sheep farmer since my Suffolk farm days and the anti predator deterrence used for his chickens in his better, but still sub standard coop was a jackdaw he had shot with an airgun then hung by its neck on a piece of string. It swung above the doors letting the hens in and out, but where there was a gap an animal could have jumped into or flown through. If jackdaws really had been stealing eggs (!?!) stapling a bit of chicken wire across it would have stopped it. If farmers want to know who their worst enemies are they need to look in a mirror.

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