In the paper…

I was reading the paper this morning, when something caught my attention…

…and put a smile on my face…

…and I realised that to get headlines like these in 2030…

…that we had to do this…

#stateofnature petition

…and then everyone will be happy and can claim the credit – but actually, it was YOU!

#stateofnature petition


2 Replies to “In the paper…”

  1. Very good, and very true.

    When I first saw the back page I thought the shark was being quoted saying ‘the humans, they are changing’

  2. I bet Boris is flattered that you think he’ll look that young in his mid-sixties.
    As an aside I posted the petition link on an outdoors forum and gained a few signatures but also had to reason with a few people who either view petitions as a waste of effort or with people who get their opinions from shooting organisations and won’t back anything with the Wild Justice name behind it.
    To the first I pointed out this isn’t a parliamentary debate petition but has the backing of 50 organisations who aren’t going to let this lie that easily. It would be better if I had a link to show a plan for the next stages of this action.
    The second group posted a link to an Angling Trust dispute with an animal welfare charity saying this petition will end up with angling and shooting being banned, and no one being allowed to keep pet goldfish anymore, and the countryside being shut down to the public. I pointed out that the Angling Trust are actually one of the backing members of the petition and most of the charities promote outdoors access as key principles of their mandates. I couldn’t reassure them about their pet fish though so I don’t think they signed.

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