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  1. Many thanks for posting Mark. The event is squarely aimed at the general public and its tone is largely celebratory; but raptor persecution, our raison d’etre, takes centre stage in the, er, middle of the programme.
    The team putting it together have been brilliant, all credit to them, and I’m really looking forward to watching tomorrow, I hope we’ve given Chris and Megan lots to work their special magic with.

    1. Alan for your part in this well done and thank you!! It was brilliant, in spite of the dark subject matter which was never shied away from the mood was upbeat, proactive. The people from the Langholm buyout were a breath of fresh air, the kids from Sunnyside Primary were magic – brilliant to hear so many words related to hen harriers being said in Glaswegian accents, underlines this issue concerns everybody. Gill Lewis was powerful when she said that she had looked into driven grouse shooting spoke to keepers, land owners and shooters and came to the conclusion it was unsustainable and had to go – the curlew’s salvation doesn’t lie there. My favourite segment though was when Jane Shelton from the RSPB spoke directly to camera and began with ‘these moors are heather wastelands’, which I thought was unexpectedly strong coming from any RSPB staff member and very welcome. She then mentioned the other habitats that could exist on these moors and then the wildlife her very last example….’even the beaver’ – the last means more options to reduce flood risk from the moors and less fire risk on them. Magic to see the remarkable Andrea G on film, definite presenter material. Great stuff Chris, Megan and Alan!!!

      1. Thanks Les, I value that appreciation of the event. Not to single anyone out but yes, my fellow HHA trustees excelled, not just in their strategic role but hands-on in planning and, as you witnessed, in delivery. Not exactly hidden talent, but once it’s out it’s out. Really looking forward to the next stages of our development.

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