RSPB press release – UK Hen Harrier survey results

Hen Harrier survey results 2023: Numbers improve, but much more to be done Numbers of one of the UK’s rarest birds of prey, the Hen Harrier, are increasing across the UK, but their future still hangs in the balance according to a new survey. Results of the 2023 Hen Harrier survey have been released, which…

The eve of the Inglorious 12th

Tomorrow is the Inglorious 12th – the start of the Red Grouse shooting season. Since the first Hen Harrier Day events on 10 August 2014 in Derbyshire, Northumberland, Dorset and Northern Ireland we have come a long way, together. Driven grouse shooting is on its knees and cannot survive long. That’s partly because of the…

Let’s get together in July!

I’m looking forward to this new and earlier version of Hen Harrier Day. I’m told the weather will be perfect… For the unfolding details why not subscribe to Wild Justice’s free newsletter – click here.

Skydancer Day – tomorrow 10:15

Hen Harrier Action have set up a Skydancer event – a spring event ahead of Hen Harrier Day in early August. Of course, it’s online. It starts tomorrow morning at 10:15 and will end around midday – for details, click here.