Today – I’m going to the Game Fair

Tomorrow I’ll blog about it and other things, and bring you a book review too.

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1 Reply to “Today – I’m going to the Game Fair”

  1. Best of luck! Way back in 2007 I was a volunteer with WWF Scotland and was invited to a sort of big do for them near Dunkeld. There were a lot of interesting talks that day, but what stuck in my mind most was that the organisation had stopped having stalls at Game Fairs due to the volunteers manning them getting dogs abuse from the punters. It must have been pretty bad. I would have absolutely loved the opportunity to have a chat with the huntin, fishin, shootin set at a Game Fair, but it was denied me due it seems to many on the other side not even being able to tolerate the mere presence of conservation organisations and their supporters. I always remember this when the other lot claim that we won't talk to them.


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