Latest Wild Justice legal challenge and crowdfunder

The Northern Ireland authorities license the unrestricted killing of Wood Pigeons and Rooks for conservtion purposes, unlike authorities elsewhere in the UK. They don’t explain why they do this or what the conservation benefits might be. In well ovr 30 years working in nature conservation I’ve never come across an instance where conservation has been served by culling these two species.

These are just the two most accessible reasons for challenging the awful Northern Ireland general licences, there are may more legal faults with them.

Wild Justice’s latest legal challenge to general licences launched yesterday although we’ve been working behind the scenes in correspondence with the NI authorities for years and have warned then several times this year that if they persist with these licences then Wild Justice would challenge them strongly in the courts. Just glance at the legal arguments briefly to see the work involved in mounting these challenges.

Wild Justice needs to raise £45,000 to be able to cover the legal costs, win or lose, of taking this challenge all the way, and the crowdfunder which was launched yesterday is already three quarters of the way to its target. Please consider whether you can help it get even closer by the end of the weekend – click here for details – thank you!


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  1. Great stuff Wild Justice, nothing but the utmost support and I have sent a donation. Fingers crossed you are successful in this legal challenge.
    When one sees this from NI’s equivalent of Defra. One does wonder what wooden headed individuals come out with this grossly misguided list on the general license.
    Good luck.

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