Dear Mr Pursglove

I’ve written to my MP, Tom Pursglove, a few times about the donations he received from Alexander Termerko (see here, here, here). And so I was very interested to see this video about Termerko, Aquind and donations to the Conservative Party – apparently my MP is simply one of 34 Conservative MPs to have received donations from this businessman.

So, obviously, nothing to see here.


4 Replies to “Dear Mr Pursglove”

  1. What an utter disgrace Johnson is . Join the Tory Party and become rich would seem to be the motto for most Tory MPs They care nothing about the ordinary citizen except when it comes to the ballot box, only about themselves. As with Trump in the USA. , Johnson has and is thoroughly degrading British politics.

    1. So nobody gives money to Labour, and Tony Blair is not a millionaire?
      I would suggest most politicians are inclined to be self-serving. After all why do the job if egotism is not your credo?

      1. Evidently corruption is not the sole preserve of any single party. I think it is unduly cynical to suggest most politicians are self-serving although clearly some are. Many enter politics because they have a genuine desire to improve things (and I believe this is true with respect to all the major parties). Once they become politicians there are plenty of people who want to influence them to their own advantage for one reason and another and the wealthy and powerful have the means to do so. Not all politicians are able to resist succumbing to the inducements offered (and many will find ways of convincing themselves that the money has no strings attached and the donations are in no sense transactional…).

  2. They become what is known as ‘politically exposed people’ i.e. those who have political power and might be tempted to guide decisions based on money, or at least be seen be the unscrupulous as such a target.

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