Let’s get together in July!

I’m looking forward to this new and earlier version of Hen Harrier Day. I’m told the weather will be perfect…

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5 Replies to “Let’s get together in July!”

  1. This is great news, I will certainly be there on the 24th July. A good opportunity to raise the awareness in the eyes of the general public to an even greater extent than now, of this terrible raptor and especially Hen Harrier. persecution.
    Hopefully, hopefully we will know by then the details of the licensing system of grouse moors in Scotland. ( wish they would hurry up on this). We can then put more pressure on this shameful and disgraceful Westminster Government that does absolutely nothing for nature and indeed whose attitude towards wildlife is exemplified by many (but not all)) of the Tory MPs such as Mr. Loder.
    On this, it seems he has, only temporarily I trust, carried the day as the police in Dorset have advised they will not be investigating the poisoning of the White Tailed Eagle. Another disgraceful attitude to our besieged wildlife. With 7 or 8 times the lethal dose of rodenticide in the bird it should not be that difficult to track down the source. I do hope private investigations of this will continue and find the culprits who are intent on destroying nature and the general public’s enjoyment of it.

    1. Invariably, BoP which inject rodenticide do so by feeding on rats which have been poisoned. It’s unfortunate, I’ll grant you that, but using the event and in an attempt to apportion blame, is, either knowingly or otherwise, disingenuous.

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