Sunday book review – Natural Causes by Stephen Mills

I liked this book very much. It is written by someone about my age (slightly older) who has travelled to many of the same places as I have at similar times of his life but I don’t think you would have to have been in Oxford, the Camargue or the Coto Donana at those times also to enjoy the book. The author writes very engagingly about his life, family, girlfriends, expeditions, conservation work and most of all about film making. He has worked on TV series about Indian wildlife including the species featured on the front of the book but also on The Life of Plants and many other wildlife programmes. All of that is interesting, some of it very interesting, but it is because the author seems (though we only have his account to judge this) to be a dynamic, thoughtful and engaging bloke that I kept turning the pages.

This autobiography was well worth writing and is well worth reading. There are vignettes of interesting people (some of them famous), accounts of interesting places and tales of interesting wildlife. But this is also a man who has thought about his life while living it and now while looking back on most of it. It’s a very good read.

The cover? Very striking, but also tells you that there might be something about Tigers in this book, and there is, quite a lot. I’d give it 9/10.

Natural Causes: the wild life of a wildlife filmmaker by Stephen Mills is published by Chiselbury.



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