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Born Bristol, UK Educated: Cleeve House School Bristol, Bristol Grammar School and Downing College Cambridge Ph.D. University of Aberdeen, Winter activity of pipistrelle bats. NERC post-doctoral Research Fellow, Edward Grey Institute, Oxford University Former Conservation Director of the RSPB, 1989-2011

It’s been a really bad few days for the grouse shooters (1)

It’s been a really bad few days for the grouse shooters – some of the wounds have been entirely self-inflicted and others have been because they don’t have much defence against the truth or the masses of the people. Let’s start with Findlay Wilde, now luxuriating on holiday somewhere near a mistnet in Portugal.  His […]

Barred Grass Snake by Tim Melling

  Tim writes: I’m sure that many of you will have seen the surprising news announced recently that Britain has a new species of snake; Barred Grass Snake (Natrix helvetica).  Without exception, every media source announced that this was an additional species for Britain, bringing the total to four (Barred Grass Snake, Grass Snake, Smooth […]

Yesterday in London in pictures (and some words)

  Yesterday I went on a march in London with lots of other people protesting against driven grouse shooting, the badger cull and any chance that fox hunting should be reinstated.  And I said a brief few words and listened to a range of passionate speakers such as Chris Packham, Peter Egan, Natalie Bennett, Dominic […]

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Sunday book review – Waterfalls of Stars by Roseanne Alexander

  Reviewed by Ian Carter This book looked a rather daunting prospect when it first arrived, with its striking cover of a storm-scarred sea and more than 300 pages of fairly small print, uninterrupted by photographs. It tells the very personal story of the first ten years of an adult life, from a hesitant, uncertain […]