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Born Bristol, UK Educated: Cleeve House School Bristol, Bristol Grammar School and Downing College Cambridge Ph.D. University of Aberdeen, Winter activity of pipistrelle bats. NERC post-doctoral Research Fellow, Edward Grey Institute, Oxford University Former Conservation Director of the RSPB, 1989-2011

6000th blog post

I couldn’t let the moment pass without marking the fact that this is this blog’s 6000th post. And, with all respect to Paul Leyland and the marvellous image with interesting words coming up here at 6pm, I did want a landmark post to be written by me. From the very first blog post, which rather […]

Sunday quotes (7)

This week’s quote is from Anne Frank (died February 1945, aged 16). Anne Frank statue. Photo: WoodenSpoon [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Appropriate at a time of youth activism over climate change. More about Anne Frank here. Likes(28)Dislikes(0)

Wild Justice some more thank yous

We’re thrilled by the reception that the launch of Wild Justice has received. One aspect that has amazed us is how generous people have been in donating money to Wild Justice. Thank you! Much of our fundraising for individual projects will be using crowdfunding platforms such as Crowd Justice. Such platforms are trusted, well-known and […]

You support the youth climate ‘strike’.

Hardly surprising for readers of this blog but an overwhelming majority of you support those young people who walked out of school to protest over climate inaction; of 341 respondents, 95.6% (326) support the ‘strike’ and 4.4% (15) do not. The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson was reported as saying, rather unwisely I thought; Everybody wants […]

Wild Justice – thank you for clicking!

I’ve spent time in the garden, some time birdwatching and some time in front of the TV today. But I’ve also been watching the number of subscribers to the Wild Justice newsletter steadily mounting through the day. I’ve also been sending emails to folk who are still in the ‘Confirmation Pending’ category in our records […]