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Do you remember the plaque? The blue plaque? The blue plaque that attached itself to a shooting lodge in Rosedale in the North York Moors National Park and then mysteriously vanished when this blog mentioned it? You do?  (for new readers, see Here’s a puzzle for you, 27 September; Did someone nick a plaque? 27 September; Plaque-gate – the plaque that fell from heaven, 28 September; And there it was – gone!, 4 October).


We know that the name on the planning application for this building was a Mr D Ross.

And we know that a David Ross owns a grouse moor in the North York Moors. And we know that he is said to own Westerdale and Rosedale Estates. And we know that the David Ross who is in to grouse shooting in the North York Moors is the guy who helped set up Carphone Warehouse and is worth around a billion quid (or hundreds of millions on a bad day).  We know that David Ross is a generous donor to the Tory Party. And so it comes as no surprise that at Monday’s Black and White fundraiser one of the items up for auction was a ‘a fantastic grouse shoot for 8’ at the Westerdale and Rosedale Estate in the North York Moors National Park.

So, if any of my mates in the Tory Party were lucky enough to have secured this lot and might be passing by this shooting lodge in Rosedale then could they just check its plaque-compliance please?

Raptor Persecution UK blogged about this auction lot from a different perspective earlier today – they are so quick off the mark, those guys!



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  1. Steve Carver says:

    Coordinates are SE 71914 97782 if in doubt as to it's location


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