Shooting Times fails again

Shooting Times was held up and then weakened a long way out in yesterday’s 3:20 at Perth – of course it’s a horse, what did you think?  Oh you were thinking about the magazine, were you?  Well, maybe, if you were then you’ll be amused that Western Bound won that race easily.

I’ll be off to the USA for 6 weeks next week and you can follow that trip on this blog – if I can get the technology to work.

In mid June I’ll be back and blogging about UK conservation matters on topics such as: what the government is doing wrong (there’s bound to be something), why the Left is a bit rubbish on nature, the NFU, biofuels, farming, nature NGOs and their work, nature through the changing seasons, nature in the media and anything that is about the wonderful natural world around us.

But if there are particular issues you’d like to see covered then leave a comment here.

And please sign up for my monthly ‘newsblast’ which will give a more in-depth look at particular issues than can be done on a blog.  And to those of you who have already signed up to the ‘newsblast’ – thank you!  There are a lot of you already.

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