Film it then forget it?

The BBC has confirmed its intention to close the BBC Wildlife Fund.  Chief axe-man, George Entwistle,  appears unbending to the arguments of those who point out that this move will not save the BBC appreciable money – it will simply cost nature conservation appreciable money.

In its first week, 7000 people signed the petition appealing to the Chair of the BBC’s Governors, Lord Patten, to intervene to reverse the BBC’s position.  Lord Patten remains the best hope to save the BBC Wildlife Fund and more signatures are needed this week to maintain momentum.

The petition has the support of a large number of wildlife NGOs.

Many of those prominent in BBC wildlife programming may find it difficult to speak out publicly on this issue as it might be considered as a career-limiting move.

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1 Reply to “Film it then forget it?”

  1. You ought to inform John Miles that badgers nowadays are out every night of the year he probably would not believe someone like me who could prove it by tracks in snow from badger setts,does not pay to critisize unless you know what you are on about.


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