Talking naturally

I really enjoyed being interviewed by Charlie Moores in the garden of a Luton pub, and I really enjoyed listening to the interview again now it is online.

We discussed farmers, grouse moors, the BTO, how I got into the RSPB and how I got out of it and I was asked to disclose the identity of the mysterious Mr White of Reservoir Cats fame.  To hear how I answered on all these subjects click here.

But rather more interestingly on the same website you can listen to a range of interviews with real personalities such as Debbie Pain and Keith Betton.  It’s well worth adding this website to your favourites.

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4 Replies to “Talking naturally”

  1. And a new one to watch out for in the same series is Terry Pickford from Raptor Politics.

  2. What a very nice man you are Mark! I knew those blinking grouse moor owners had got you all wrong 🙂
    And thanks for the 'favourites' recommendation - much appreciated!

  3. Hi Mark
    Really enjoyed the interview which I thought gave an interesting and honest insight into your work for the RSPB. I thought the interview was an excellent, balanced piece of journalism and I have taken up your suggestion to add it to my favourites.
    It was nice to hear you voice your support for birds of prey as well as your irritation from those on 'the same side' who thought you weren't doing enough.
    It is one of my biggest irritations when I witness the petty squabblings between like minded organisations who are supposedly trying to achieve the same things, when surely a single message would be far more beneficial.
    I notice from John's comment above that Terry Pickford of Raptor Politics is scheduled to be interviewed. I enjoy Terry's opinions, and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say on the above in particular.


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