It’s Winter all over the world – readers’ offer.

My summer holidays are beginning to fall into a familiar pattern.  We book an attractive cottage in the West Country which is every bit as nice as it looked on the internet when we arrive and see it in reality.  The weather is a bit English, the phone reception is appalling, there’s a nice pub down the road which sells good beer and good cider and there is no Wi-Fi.

And, I read Stuart Winter’s latest book which makes me laugh out loud.

This year’s follow-up to last year’s Tales of a Tabloid Twitcher is The Birdman Abroad and it did make me laugh out loud.

There are 20 chapters dealing with our favourite tabloid birding journalist’s travels abroad – from the USA to Africa and the Falklands.

Having spent 6 weeks this year travelling in the USA I enjoyed the American chapters a lot and they rang true – the birds were right, the car driving was right and the birders were right.  One of these chapters, on the identification of small shorebirds, made me laugh out loud a lot.

Winter at the Bird Fair

Chris Packham writes a good Foreword too.

At £7.99 it’s a real bargain but readers of this blog can get a 30% discount and no postage and packing by clicking here  and typing Birdman MA at the  checkout.  That makes it a steal!

If you buy it and love it or hate it – come back here and say what you think for other readers.



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