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I’m going to point you in the direction of some other blogs – blogs that I like to read (although not necessarily agree with).

But first I’d like to point you back towards a few of my previous blogs and the comments that have accumulated on them.

Since I came back from the USA this blog has attracted over 8,000 unique visitors (according to Google Analytics).

Last week’s blogs attracted more visitors than any previous week with blogs on:

world population reaching 7 billion

FWAG’s expected demise – worth going back to this to see some very well informed comments from several people involved with FWAG

is there space for an edgy wildlife NGO? – see news of FoE’s work on nature in the comments

raptor poisoning – lots of good comments here too

gamekeepers and the Daily Telegraph being disingenuous – lots of good comments here too


But here is a selection of blogs for you to dip into (and then come back to me please!):

Martin Harper – the RSPB Conservation Director should be in your favourite’s list

Crex group – not many blogs but this one was quite funny really

Miles King from the Grassland Trust – I like his writing and his views but they are a bit intermittent

The best blog on the internet by someone called Avery? – my daughter’s excellent blog

Geoffrey Lean – even though it is the Daily Telegraph

Alan Tilmouth is very birdy – and that’s sometimes what I need – and some great images

Birdwatch blog

Birding Extremadura – an interesting blog from a lovely part of the world

Saving the spoon-billed sandpiper is a gripping blog of a brave and ambitious conservation project

The green living blog from environmental think tank green Alliance is very thoughtgful, though its environmental views rarely touch wildlife and nature

…and for anyone considering writing a blog then my book, Blogging for Nature, contains some good tips on how to get started and how to keep going, as well as a selection of blogs about nature and the politics that affect it from my RSPB days.

Coming soon, reviews of Blogging for Nature in British Birds and BBC Wildlife magazines.

A signed copy of Blogging for Nature would make a great Christmas present for that RSPB member for whom present-buying is always difficult.  Get in touch with me through mark@markavery.info to order signed copies at £11 to cover postage and packing within the UK.


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4 Replies to “Other reading”

  1. Very interesting comments from Robin Page in Telegragh among which he says NE shot47 foxes at Lakenheath reserve and RSPB had 25 foxes shot to protect ground nesting bitterns,cranes and marsh harriers,he goes on to say that the wellbeing of the stone curlew is almost entirely due to fox and crow control.Now I do not know if this is true but would like to think he would not give incorrect information and if it is true it makes a mockery of RSPB telling us who wish to control some things for the benefit of birds going in decline that we are wrong to do so.We cannot have one rule for expert organisations and another for on the ground country people at the very least that would sound like saying what members in general who do not see the havoc that some things such as above do out in the countryside.Of course they do not kill things around peoples feeders in back garden and so are considered beautiful things.

  2. Let's stop point scoring and work towards genuine conservation with or without pest control. I'm pissed off with egos portraying ethics on both sides when the losers are our wildlife !!!!

  3. Thanks very much for the recommendation Mark - you're very kind.

    I will try and post more regularly!


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