Holly and Ivy

All the holly blue butterflies you will see next spring are sitting around as pupae at the moment.

The spring generation – late April-end of May – feeds on holly and the summer generation – late June-early August – feeds on ivy.

Spare a thought for butterflies this Christmas.

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3 Replies to “Holly and Ivy”

  1. Our Xmas always used to be shared with butterflies. Granny used to come and up went the central heating to keep her warm. As the heating went up above its normal temperature this triggered the Small Tortoiseshell to come out of hibernation having often flown in during the summer/autumn months and fly around the room as the turkey was being cut. The maximum one year was 44 and the earliest going into hibernation was the 14th July. We are lucky to see one now as most doors and windows are shut these summers as the weather is so bad!! Have a great day everyone.

  2. I didn't realise ivy is good for butterflies too. Can someone tell me when I can cut my ivy back a bit off the house. It is almost covering a bedroom window and going over the roof as I keep saying " Not this month because of the nesting birds, the roosting, birds, the bees feeding on the flowers and now the butterflies." I am training some along the fence so will still have ivy but need to cut back the house ivy! Advice please.


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