Pandas strung up.

This shocking image of a gamekeeper’s gibbet was on view at Towcester racecourse yesterday. How awful to see so many globally threatened pandas displayed in this way.  A spokesman for the Notional Gamekeepers’ Association said ‘Well, you know how it is, pandas are lovely animals but it’s a ‘balance of nature thing’ and you’ve just got to kill them.‘.

But the racing at Towcester was profitable for me, and watching Kauto Star on the big screen was a big thrill as the old boy oozed class again – I’m glad I had a small bet on him, but Master Minded ran badly and apparently may be injured and out for the season – that’s a shame.  Binocular won the Christmas hurdle – that horse owes me money; when it loses I’ve backed it and when it wins, I’ve not.

But today’s Welsh National at Chepstow will be run under very testing conditions.  I have had a small bet on a low weighted, Chepstow-proven, mud-tolerating, staying horse – Master Overseer.  I can’t quite understand why its odds are as long as 20/1 but I guess it might be because the horse is rubbish.  We’ll see at 14:10, fingers crossed.

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2 Replies to “Pandas strung up.”

  1. 'Master Overseer. I can’t quite understand why its odds are as long as 20/1 but I guess it might be because the horse is rubbish. '

    It might simply be that the course runs the wrong way round and, like most overseers, tends to want to get to the finishing post in a different way. That is what I seem to see when 'overseers' comment on your blog suggestions.

    I used to visit Chepstow races as a youngster with my dad and can always remember it as being left handed. I suspect there are many others which run the same way but they haven't stuck in my mind as well.

  2. Master Overseer doesn't mind LH courses. It had previously won at Plumpton, another left-hander, as well as Chepstow (though its win at Chepstow was over hurdles - bit different from winning over the Welsh National course!).


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