2 Replies to “Nature of Harming ‘award’”

  1. Had a shock at voting numbers.
    Good day for farmers,ref Telegraph back page as Richard Winspear no less who is chairman of VI research group found that 86% of farmers agreed that environmental and wildlife were important parts of their farm management.
    Now whatever anyone else thinks this means that we have definitely entered a different era for these measures as Richard is RSPB man,however there were one or two things that farmers thoughts could have been a bit better like lots did not think farmland birds had declined or that it was all their fault.
    Well that is easily explained by the fact when did you ever know anyone have a car crash that was their fault and quite honestly no one will ever convince me that all these vehicles do not contribute to less insects and so birds also road kills are colossal and birds nest by roadside as well which has to make chicks vulnerable.
    Just part of everyday life the same as modern farming.
    Afact put out the other day which must be put against vehicles was the shocking decline in Hedgehogs(hope Mark has the numbers)
    The main thing is attitudes have been proved to have changed so lets forget the official line from NFU as this makes it irrelevant.

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