Bits and pieces

Wuthering Moors: I’m grateful to Defra for their acknowledgement of my FOI requests – watch this space.

NGOs – love ’em or hate ’em?:  Over 400 of you have voted in this poll in four days.  Thank you and the results so far are fascinating.  I’m surprised at some of the organisations that you don’t seem to love very much but it’s early days as polling closes at the end of April. Vote now!

Grand National:  I’ve been at Aintree over the last couple of days – and here’s a photograph to prove it (Always Waining winning the Topham yesterday for the third year in a row – no, I didn’t back it).  There was some wildlife on show (sparrowhawk wasn’t a bad sighting) but the Liverpool lasses were dressed up to the nines and were teetering on 6-inch heels when running for cover from yesterday’s heavy rain and exposing lots of skin to the less than balmy weather.  On Thursday, Sir Alex Ferguson had a runner, and when the cameras showed him in the stand he was roundly boo-ed by the Liverpool crowd!

I used to do very well betting on the Grand National but all my winners seem a long time ago – Earth Summit, Mr Frisk, Party Politics – although there have been plenty of placed runners at decent odds to keep those winners company. Here are five horses to consider as decent each way bets – some of them will be at long odds; Ballabriggs, Sunnyhillboy, Accordingtopete, Black Apalachi and Mon Mome. I’ve backed all of them with small bets for an interest in the race – I wouldn’t suggest you put the house on any of them, but if you do, and you win, then do remember me with kindness.

Marshside: the RSPB nature reserve at Marshside looked great yesterday morning – lots of black-headed gulls making a racket and lots and lots of black-tailed godwits looking gorgeous.


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  1. Heavy rainfall on ladies day at Aintree ? Oh dear Mark, Liverpool Bay must be awash with fake tan, are the EA on stand-by ?

    I think you are right about Ballabriggs and Mon Mome, I also fancy them both to run very big races, particularly the former. Both trainers will be guaranteed to bring their horses to the track in peak condition and both horses are proven around the course which is always a huge factor at Aintree. If Syncronised drifts out in the market it may also carry a small wager as its very well handicapped despite carrying top-weight.

  2. Grand National is the only race I bet on. Mainly because the day I got married I managed first and second (Spanish Steps and something else). That left my new mother in law to pick up the winnings; she wasn’t too happy.

  3. Hi Mark
    as someone who cares passionately about the environment and the animals therein, I personally struggle with learning of the aftermath and the the carnage and abuse of such superb animals in the 4:15. A.P.McCoy for example should have known not to take his ride back to the starting line as the animal was clearly un-nerved.

    I’m genuinely interested in how a clear attraction to gamble on horses in such shameful races such as the Grand National rests with yourself as such an avid supporter of wildlife?

    Kind Regards

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