Pieces and bits

A titanic beetle? And my earlier words on this subject.

Sunnyhillboy was a whisker away from winning.

I enjoyed reading this.

I am writing occasional blogs for this site – but it has many good bloggers contributing too.

And here is something slightly different from me on another site.

I saw my first common tern of the year yesterday.

Do vote in the ‘marmite’ poll – the voting is fascinating so far.



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  1. Here is what we have to put up with in Cumbria. Great news from the RSPB managing 7200 acres on Haweswater due to United Utilities worried by too much sediment getting in the water which would cost them £millions to clean thanks to over grazing then the foundation for Common land claiming victory over Natural England as natural England back down on their ’50 year vision for the Uplands’ which of course blamed over grazing for most of the problems in the uplands.
    When Natural England scrapped this scheme who did they consult to find out if this what the public really wanted! Was it the National Trust with all their land holdings or Water Companies who have to pass on all these costs to the public due to over grazing! Probable no body as Natural England no longer exist as a ‘public’ body but as ‘puppet’ for this government!

  2. bet people like john get hillfarmers backs up.farmers bought hillland to farm and willhelp conservation if paid but alternatively if as john suggests the conservationists want controlthen go and buy the land.as usual really simple .not very good on this laptop.for goodness sake the conservationists need to stopthinking they controlwhat happens on farms.bet john would complainif nofood on his plate a lot more than at present.

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