The same and different

A year ago, yesterday, I flew to the USA for a 6 week trip of a lifetime.

Yesterday, I drove to Cambridge.


A year ago, yesterday, the sun shone.

Yesterday it rained a  lot.


A year ago, yesterday, I saw lots of starlings in Washington DC.

Yesterday a single starling flew across the road as I travelled.


Yesterday I met Andy Clements for breakfast and a chat about cuckoos, Birdtrack, old Common Bird Census plots, mutual friends at Cornell, the RSPB and American warblers.

Yesterday I met an academic and we talked about habitat restoration, red-cockaded woodpeckers, writing books, cuckoos, deforestation, nightingales and psychology experiments.

Yesterday I met my son for lunch and he gave me a good idea.

A year on, and the Earth has regained the position it was in a year ago whereas I know I am both the same and different.

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