A condor lead moment

American nature conservationists are campaigning to remove lead ammunition from the environment because it poisons species such as swans, eagles and California condors.  They argue that non-toxic shot alternatives should be used. They also say that use of lead ammunition risks the health of people, particularly children, if they ingest tiny fragments of lead from shot game. Hang on!  I’m sure I’ve heard something similar on this side of the Atlantic but surely that was just a bunch of anti-hunting, anti-science, anti-countryside bunny huggers wasn’t it? Are there people like that in the USA too?

American conservationists are threatening a law suit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service over its lack of action to rid Arizona’s public lands of lead ammunition.  It seems that bad lady #54, with whom I communed in Arizona last June, had a 95% chance of being exposed to lead from ammunition. I wonder how she is getting on?

This image of a condor was taken from the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona.




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  1. I never knew they had numbers on their wings! Do they have national insignia on the bottom – it looks a bit like something from WW2!

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