Is your MP in this list – mine isn’t?

The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development is happening right now (I’ve been blogging about it for the RSPB over the last 20 days).

Stop Climate Chaos produced a Rio declaration and I asked my MP, Louise Mensch to sign up.  I got a good detailed reply from Ms Mensch but I noticed that she didn’t say that she would sign up, so I emailed her again to ask her to do so.  But she hasn’t.

This is the list of signatures (and here is the link to check new signatures):

  1. Peter Aldous MP (Con)- Waveney
  2. Heidi Alexander MP (Lab) – Lewisham East
  3. Graham Allen MP (Lab) – Nottingham North
  4. Dave Anderson MP (Lab) – Blaydon
  5. Jon Ashworth MP (Lab) – Leicester South
  6. Tony Baldry MP (Con) – Banbury
  7. Hugh Bayley MP (Lab)- York Central
  8. Sir Alan Beith MP (LibDem) – Berwick Upon Tweed
  9. Hilary Benn MP (Lab) – Leeds Central
  10. Gordon Birtwistle MP (LibDem) – Burnley
  11. Paul Blomfield MP (Lab) – Sheffield Central
  12. Chris Bryant MP (Lab) – Rhondda
  13. Richard Burden MP (Lab)- Birmingham Northfield
  14. Lorely Burt MP (LibDem) – Solihull
  15. Alan Campbell MP (Lab)- Tynemouth
  16. Ronnie Campbell MP (Lab)- Blyth Valley
  17. Martin Caton MP (Lab) – Gower
  18. Jeremy Corbyn MP (Lab)- Islington North
  19. Vernon Coaker MP (Lab)- Gedling
  20. Jim Cunningham MP (Lab)- Coventry South
  21. Alex Cunningham MP (Lab) – Stockton North
  22. Nic Dakin MP (Lab) – Scunthorpe
  23. Ed Davey MP (LibDem) – Kingston and Surbiton
  24. Glyn Davies MP (Con) – Montgomeryshire
  25. Gloria Depiero MP (Lab) – Ashfield and Eastwood
  26. Jim Dobbin MP (Lab/ Coop) – Heywood and Middleton
  27. Mark Durkan MP (SDLP) – Foyle
  28. Natascha Engel MP (Lab) – North East Derbyshire
  29. Bill Esterson MP (Lab) – Sefton Central
  30. Tim Farron MP (Lab)- Westmorland and Lonsdale
  31. Roger Godsiff MP (Lab) – Birmingham Hall Green
  32. Zac Goldsmith MP (Con)- Richmond Park and North Kingston
  33. Mary Glindon MP (Lab) – North Tyneside
  34. James Gray MP (Con) – North Wiltshire
  35. Nia Griffith MP (Lab) – Lanelli
  36. Mike Hancock MP (LibDem) – Portsmouth South
  37. David Hanson MP (Lab) – Delyn
  38. Tom Harris MP (Lab) – Glasgow South
  39. John Hemming MP (LibDem) – Birmingham Yardley
  40. David Heyes MP (Lab) – Ashton-under-Lyne
  41. Martin Horwood MP (LibDem)- Cheltenham
  42. Simon Hughes MP (LibDem) – Bermondsey and Old Southwark
  43. Julian Huppert MP (LibDem) – Cambridge
  44. John Leech MP (LibDem) – Manchester Withington
  45. Julian Lewis MP (Con) – New Forest East
  46. Caroline Lucas MP (Green) – Brighton Pavilion
  47. Karen Lumley MP (Con) – Redditch
  48. Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab) – Bristol East
  49. Jason McCartney MP (Con) – Colne Valley
  50. Ann McKechin MP (Lab) – Glasgow North
  51. John McDonnell MP (Lab) – Hayes and Harlington
  52. Austin Mitchell MP (Lab) – Great Grimsby
  53. Grahame Morris MP (Lab) – Easington
  54. Ian Murray MP (Lab) – Edinburgh South
  55. Guy Opperman MP (Con) – Hexham
  56. Mike Pawsey MP (Con) – Rugby
  57. Teresa Pearce MP (Lab) – Erith and Thamesmead
  58. Dawn Primarolo MP (Lab) – Bristol South
  59. Simon Reevell MP (Con) – Dewsbury
  60. Jonathan Reynolds MP (Lab) – Stalybridge and Hyde
  61. Sir Bob Russell MP (LibDem) – Colchester
  62. Adrian Sanders MP (LibDem) – Torbay
  63. Andrew Smith MP (Lab) – Oxford East
  64. Mark Tami MP (Lab) – Alyn and Deeside
  65. Joan Walley MP (Lab) – Stoke-on-Trent North
  66. David Ward MP (LibDem) – Bradford East
  67. Dave Watts MP (Lab) St Helens North
  68. Mike Weatherley MP (Con) – Hove and Portslade
  69. Mike Weir MP (SNP) – Angus
  70. Eilidh Whiteford MP (SNP) – Banff and Buchan
  71. Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru) – Arfon
  72. Stephen Williams MP (LibDem) – Bristol West
  73. David Wright MP (Lab) – Telford
  74. Simon Wright MP (LibDem)

Well done to all the MPs on this list – perhaps particularly the 12 brave Tories.  The breakdown of the parties is as follows with their number of MPs in the Westminster parliament: Labour 42 (253); Liberal Democrat 15 (57); Conservative 12 (305), SNP 2 (6); Green 1 (1); Plaid Cymru 1 (3); SDLP 1(3).


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10 Replies to “Is your MP in this list – mine isn’t?”

  1. Thanks for the breakdown - I was just about to do the count myself having noticed that the party with the most MPs in Parliament (Conservative) seemed to have very few signatories.

    Sadly my MP, David Lammy, isn't there either. I've emailed him to ask him to sign.

  2. Perhaps Mrs Mensch is too busy with her other job:

    Have emailed my local MP as (surprise!) he's not on that list either.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Can I say congratulations Mr. Gray. I usually only get a standard Govt reply when I write so good for him that he signed this.

  4. "... I noticed that she didn’t say that she would sign up, so I emailed her again to ask her to do so. But she hasn’t."

    Perhaps she isn't sufficiently ovine.

  5. I emailed my Tory MP, James Gray, and had a letter back the next day. It was detailed and quite personal, but didn't actually say that he would sign. I am pleased to see that he has now signed. Thanks James, well done.

    1. Linnet - one of many, but ministers and shadow ministers sometimes feel they shouldn't sign up to some of these things. Having said that, it's very good to see Ed Davey, Hilary Benn and Mary Creagh's colleague Tom Harris on the list. I had a message from my MP's office saying that she will sign up - and now I see that she has!


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