Euro 2012 – the political and environmental lessons so far

Sixteen countries started the Euro 2012 journey and now their number has been reduced to eight.

Three of these 16 countries were non-EU countries and all have exited the competition.

Eight of the original countries use the Euro as their currency (France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) whereas eight do not (Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK and Ukraine). Those countries highlighted are through to the quarter finals – Euro countries outnumber non-Euro countries by six to two.

And if you rank the 13 EU countries involved by their coverage of Natura 2000 sites (highest coverage first) then, as you can see from the highlighted successful countries, it is the more green-aware countries that have been most successful: Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Denmark, UK.



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  1. Mark – as far as I was aware it was England who won through to the Q finals last night, not Team UK. We’re not at the Olympics yet!

    1. Mark – welcome and thank you, You are of course right, but as far as the EU, pound sterling and EU environmental regulations are concerned – we are all in it together.

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