Wuthering Moors 24

Could it be true, as people are suggesting, that on top of their own £1m legal costs NE picked up the tab for Walshaw Moor Estates’ legal costs?

And could those legal costs have amounted to £3m of taxpayers’ money?

I’ll ask NE and Defra – I’m sure they will want to tell us.


6 Replies to “Wuthering Moors 24”

  1. What? This is getting bonkers! Mark, please tell me NE haven’t done this either, how the hell can it be their responsibility to pay the other sides costs? That’s a total admission of defeat by them.

    This hole really needs investigating and putting in the public domain, no wonder they are reluctant to disclose the truth. NE have recently got rid of staff due to cuts, how many would this have kept employed delivering real conservation gain than lining solicitors pockets. I’m truly shocked by this revelation.

  2. Like a lot of other things Mark,the lunatics are running the asylum.Doubt even your determination will find out the truth.

  3. Is all this a put up job so that the Tories, already having emasculated it, have an excuse to get rid of NE completely?

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