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My new book, Fighting for Birds – 25 years in nature conservation, is now available to buy from Pelagic Publishing.

The paperback is £12.99 and the hardback is £19.99 – an ebook will follow in a few weeks.

Chris Packham wrote the Foreword and describes Fighting for Birds as ‘a triumph and if you have any real interest in the workings of saving species and their habitats then it is a tremendously rewarding ‘must read’.

So what do you get for your money? Fighting for Birds is over 300 pages of the inside story of how nature conservation happens in the UK.  The book takes you from my pre-RSPB life (yes, I had one) of a teenage birder and a young ecologist and evolutionary biologist (Chapter 1) through studies of upland afforestation in the north of Scotland (Chapter 2) and times spent with roseate terns (Chapter 3).  Chapters 4-13 deal with the ‘conservation toolbox’ of ways that we conserve birds; nature reserves and legal protection, advocacy and monitoring, reintroductions and chatting up farmers, and also through some of the threats to nature such as climate change and illegal persecution of birds of prey.  Chapter 14 is a bit different – a series of short anecdotes and stories.  The last three chapters look to the future – what are the issues facing the RSPB (Chapter 15), are our many nature conservation NGOs doing a good job (Chapter 16) and what can we all do to help nature (Chapter 17).

It was fun to write, and the few people who have read Fighting for Birds so far say it is fun to read.  I was particularly pleased that the lady who put the index together described my book as being ‘a real page-turner’.  See what you think by ordering your own copy now .

From the first review of Fighting for Birds:

“Fighting for Birds” concludes as Mark has begun to move on in his new life post-RSPB as a freelance writer and environmental commentator – with some straight-talking and serious consideration of some of the conservation issues that press heavily on the public conscience today. Some of his thoughts may make for uncomfortable reading – in the same way that he is prepared to be candidly critical of the RSPB where he feels the occasion warrants it, Mark is equally direct in his appraisal of where, why and how our efforts should be directed in future. These are the carefully argued and clear opinions of a dedicated conservationist, and like the rest of this at times entertaining and always enjoyable book, they make for compelling and, dare I say it, essential reading.    Shetland Wildlife on Facebook




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  1. Feel sure the book will be a success if publicity reaches the right people,it certainly deserves to the work you put into everything,will try and give a mention on the RSPB forum when I have received mine,think daughter will make it part of birthday present.

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