Three images today – 2 eeek!


Anybody claim to own this tattoo?

There are many people called Mark Avery in the world – there is this photographer, and this photographer – both of whom seem very talented to me.

And there is this musician who was a guitarist in a punk band.

There is this Mark S. Avery who is big in supply chains.

Anybody’s body claiming the tattoo?

I am sure that the readers of this blog might have suggestions for wildlife-related tattoos – and the ideal locations for them? Keep it clean please.



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10 Replies to “Three images today – 2 eeek!”

    1. Peter Kendal would have " money - money - money" on his tatoo..........
      Owen Paterson would have football posts being carried across a shooting range, dodgeing bullets!

  1. About a decade ago I was involved in a great conservation mapping project on a rare pinewood specialist the Twinflower in the Cairngorms. During an evening in the pub, one of the surveyors (with her hubbie present I should add) showed me her twinflower tattoo. This started off a great discussion about ecologists and their UK BAP tattoos. How many other specialists have tattoos of their favourite species I wonder?

  2. Mark, LOL, do you think that maybe you spend a little too much time surfing the internet? Christmas is such a great time to discover that you might have a stalker. Big respect, guy. I just hope for your sake that he or she's not called Lynette, or some derivation of that spelling.

  3. What a lovely tattoo. Can't think why this post got so many 'dislikes', do eight birdwatchers dislike tattoos - or tattooed people perhaps?

    @Peter, like your story about the twinflower but a bit worried now that I'd need my husband to be there to give his permission if I had any tattoos and wanted to show them to people. I let my hubbie out on his own and allow him to show his tattoos to anyone he wants!

    All seasons greetings to Mark and fellow bloggers and readers.


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