January was the biggest month ever on this blog

I’m glad that somebody reads this blog!

January broke all records as far as visits, pageviews and unique visitors were concerned.

In January, according to Google analytics, this blog received 12,926 unique visitors (compared with January 2013’s 6705).

Who are all these people I wonder? What do they like and dislike about this blog? What do they think about some conservation issues? To answer a few of those questions I’ve run a readers’ survey which is now closed since it has reached 854 responses (twice the number when i did something similar in December 2012).  I’ll  reveal the results next week.

And, on another subject, John Armitage’s e-petition on licensing grouse moors passed the 8,700 mark yesterday.



7 Replies to “January was the biggest month ever on this blog”

  1. Hi Mark,does that mean I might soon get 418 votes on a certain button.Maybe time to allow readers to double up and have two votes each.
    I know I shouldn’t but feel I maybe ask for them subconsciously,lol.

  2. Excellent work Mark. I have to say that even with the slightly heated discussions sometimes, there are some really knowledgeable and passionate people here and they constantly make me think on top of what you have to say in the blog itself.

  3. Dennis, I have gone against all my principles and clicked on the like button. You deserve it with that comment

  4. Bob,you have no idea how much that meant to me thank you,that has restored my faith in British fair play.we also saw a Red Flanked Bluetail actually on farmland and considered informing rspb that in that case that particular farmland bird had increased by at the minimum 100%.

  5. Mark I’ve just started to read your blog in an effort to keep up with national conservation issues. I congratulate you on your success but worry that it is thriving in response to the very real threats to our environment since this dreadful government came in.

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