The week in birding by Jonnie Fisk



Red-flanked Bluetail – a good bird for your local patch (although I’d quite like to see the 500 Corn Buntings).

Golden Eagle poisoning from Raptor Persecution Scotland.

Was it a Squacco?

It’s a birdie – a dead one.

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5 Replies to “The week in birding by Jonnie Fisk”

  1. R F Bluetail enticed into Wilts by feeding lots of mealworms on the wilts side of the stream that is boundary between Glous and Wilts.Wilts birders would probably say they were feeding bird to save its life,slight suspicion fed so they can claim sighting in Wilts.

    1. Dennis, The Wiltshire side of the stream is the only place you could put mealworms out. I suspect the mealworms are there to benefit the photographer not the bird, the bird has been feeding quite happily without the mealworms. But what happens when the photographer gets his shots and goes away. I know it will return to normal food but why change its feeding habits in the first place.

      What I can say when I saw this Bluetail is that it wasn't headless as depicted in the cartoon above.

  2. White Billed Diver at Portland I believe,perhaps more technically called a Yellow Billed Loon,this birding very technical.


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