Chris Packham on Malta

Every evening, at 9pm, another video is posted about the Malta Massacre on Migration.  The three so far have been very moving.  What will tonight’s video reveal?

I wonder what our hunters think of the situation in Malta? They seem quite quiet on the subject…


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5 Replies to “Chris Packham on Malta”

    1. The critical mass of letters to all our MEPs who need our votes 22 May is equally as worthwhile an option and then either copy said letters to, or write a bespoke one to, the Maltese High Commission as recommended by Mark in his monthly e-actions for conservation 'newsletter'.

      To quote Mark:
      The Maltese government is responsible for implementing EU legislation in its own country so please email the Malta High Commission in London to express your anger (if you feel angry) and disgust (if you feel disgusted) and ask them to protect Europe;'s birds for us all. Here is the email address:

  1. Just had a response from the Maltese Tourism Authority which was pretty much verbatim what the Maltese High Commission sent me. Apparently "Malta has one of the best in the EU track records on the implementation of EU Management Plans for huntable species, including for Turtle dove and Quail." If everything is so hunky dory it must be absolute rotten luck that Chris Packham has turned up in Malta and within three days found shot Montagu's Harrier, Kestrel, Scopoli's/Cory's Shearwater and Little Bittern!

  2. And he's been taken in for questioning by the police too Jonathan! He spent four hours 'in custody' apparently before being released.
    His final diary will be issued tonight (Sunday 27th) since there wasn't one last night.....


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