Crex! Crex! Crex!

I am going out to listen for Corncrakes.

There will not be a blog first thing tomorrow morning.

I have heard Cuckoos in two places today. I’m pretty sure there are more of them around this spring/summer than there have been for several, many, years.

Quite a few people seem to agree, as evidenced by the comments on this blog and by comments  on Twitter:

@lizzie_bruce: @MarkAvery at Lakenheath today cuckoos calling and flying everywhere

@nickcsuffolk: @MarkAvery I heard cuckoo this morning. First time I’ve heard one for a year or two. Was running but had to stop and enjoy.

@gsdlady2: @MarkAvery Not heard one in this part of Devon this year-usually do. #LostCuckoos

@john ranson: Blame me. I cited “Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo” in a college essay. Been hearing them on & off ever since. #HappyToHelp.

@pjcantwell76: @MarkAvery @_BTO Lots heard in Suffolk this year. I normally hear some but not this many. The local woods are also alive with Nightingales!

@goatboy269: seen 1 and heard another 2 which is the best ive had on my patch in years

@ronniethelizard: Lots around Snowdonia this year too!

Those are just a few examples.

I’ll let you know how i got on with the crex! crex! crex!


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  1. Mark, I think ( and hope) that there are more summer migrants of several species this year On a recent trip to mid Wales saw more Tree Pipits than ever before and good numbers of pied flycatcher, redstart and wood warbler.

    Here in Somerset a couple of nightingales have been reported from where they disappeared 20 years ago and certainly more cuckoos reported locally than for several years. I think our local reserve has suitable cuckoo and nightingale habitat, but there are not enough birds to occupy it. Presumably, when populations decline, the survivors choose the A1 sites, not our local B2 habitat.

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