Some of Jonnie Fisk’s brilliant artwork

I really love these drawings – I think they are very skilfull and very attractive.  Here are a few of them that have appeared on this blog over the last few months with some comments from me:


Don’t you think that Roller is brilliant? I do. Look at the economy of lines that still conjures up that Bonelli’s.


This one has great composition – those three terns (no one saw them like that, but Jonnie drew them like that), and the two warblers looking at each other – wonderful!


I love the eyes – look at the eyes!


And this was where we started back in December when it was cold and wet.















2 Replies to “Some of Jonnie Fisk’s brilliant artwork”

  1. Love these. Sum up the week from a birders view very well! Can’t wait to see some of these style drawings on T-shirts!

  2. I love them too. Are they created using I-pad art? Looks like it to me, great use of the technology available these days.

    Humerous and entertaining too.

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