Thank you and ask a friend please.

Fullscreen capture 03062014 211155Yesterday, ‘my’ e-petition, which is definitely ‘our’ e-petition, to ban driven grouse shooting in England, passed the 4000 signature mark.   We are still only half way through Week 3 of its existence so that is pretty impressive. Thank you to all who have signed it.

Just to emphasise the initial success of this e-petition here are some facts about it:

  • of the 426 open e-petitions aimed at Defra on this official government website, our e-petition ranks at Number 9 – and all those ahead in terms of number of signatures were set up before ours and have therefore had more time, often a lot more time, to gather support.
  • if our e-petition closed tomorrow (and it will close on 28 May 2015 which is certainly not tomorrow) it would already rank 26th amongst 1153 e-petition aimed at Defra – but we have 347 days to go!
  • looking across all e-petitions aimed at all government departments, our e-petition is already in the top 2% of most-signed e-petitions – and there are 347 days to go.

So, we are doing pretty well – and there is a long, long way to go. So let’s keep going!

My aims are pretty modest: I would like us to get to at least 5000 signatures by the start of the grouse shooting season on the Inglorious 12th August.  Everyone who goes shooting Red Grouse this year should know that there is a popular rising of protest about the basis of their ‘sport’.  We should send a strong message to the grouse shooting industry.

I would also like this e-petition to pass the 10,000 signature mark. That seems a long way away but then, we have a lot of time ahead of us.

The only way that we could possibly get past the magical 100,000 mark is if some large NGOs and/or some very popular personalities supported our cause – that might happen but let’s not hold our breath.  This e-petition is our e-petition so it is up to us to push it along as quickly as possible.

Thank you to those who have supported it – every one of you. Now, please find a friend (you do have friends, don’t you?) to sign it too, please.  Ask your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. Ask your Mum and Dad. Ask the people at work. Mention your support on Twitter and Facebook. Email your friends. Ask your local Bird Club, Wildlife Trust, RSPB Group, WI, Rotary Club, choir, football team, aerobics class etc etc to sign up to a better future for the uplands of England – with more wildlife, less killing of wildlife, more carbon storage, better protected blanket bogs, less flooding and more access for walkers.

We reached 4000 signatures on Day 18. Day 180 will not quite be half way – there is such a long way to go. We are on the march – bring a friend or two with you and our number will grow.

Please sign this e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

Thank you.

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3 Replies to “Thank you and ask a friend please.”

  1. “Ask your partner / boyfriend / girlfriend. Ask your Mum and Dad” – you say

    Surely you mean “ask your biological mother and her partner”

    Bit like today's Radio 3 Rob Cowan apologising for playing Bach's Hunt Cantata

    Bloody left wing loooonies – all of you!

    Do something positive – STOP stopping people doing legal things !

    Go count some wildlife !!

    1. trimbush - hello! Slavery was legal before it was illegal - that's what progress often looks like.

    2. Perhaps, Trimbush, you could stop supporting something that may be legal, but which relies on illegal activity. By supporting grouse shooting, you are supporting the persecution of birds of prey.


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