Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill


And on this subject it is worth having a look at this lecture by George Monbiot – it’s about an hour long but it’s worth the time.


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  1. Every pound we spend (or invest, or donate) is an ethical decision (conscious or not) and unlike so many environmental issues we can gain immediate satisfaction from rewarding companies which behave in ways we like. A lot of the time not consuming or recycling is the most environmentally sound option and for this reason I suspect that buying a second hand car may often be greener than buying a new hybrid, but when we do need new stuff (and some things like groceries we have to buy daily or weekly) our most powerful voice is probably not writing to our MP or signing petitions, it’s where we spend our cash and what we spend it on. I was interested to find this website recently ( attempting to help people in this choice. Yet somehow we in the UK are still apparently the chief consumer of illegally harvested mahogany and there are only a handful of MSC certified fish and chip shops. It’s a long road.

  2. I recognise that the causes may not be in rank order but if they were then perhaps ‘Development Pressure’ might be higher? Particularly now Natural England and even the JNCC* are charged with helping out those nice people so they get it right?

    * See June edition of British Wildlife & Twitcher in the swamp!

    Is there a drive towards the GM of the agencies who used to be charged with protection?

  3. Oh of course no habitat loss then from almost 27 million houses,all the industrial buildings and offices etc.
    It is called a crime if farmers have had to remove a hedge to make fields more convenient for today’s machines,by the way farmers were the ones who have grown these hedges in the first place.
    However when hedges removed for any type of building development that is not a crime at all.They certainly did not grow those hedges farmers did.
    To me that is double standards.

    1. Lest we forget that the enclosure hedgerows were created by act of parliament to benefit landowner’s when they took common land from the people!

    2. Dennis you obviously stopped reading before you got to the bottom of the list and well before you noticed the Ralph’s elephant in the room. I’d say the cartoon pretty emphatically does not lay the blame for the state of wildlife entirely on farmers.

  4. Mark,
    if you agree with Monbiot and the sentiment of the cartoon, please don’t vote Labour as that’s just more of the same that we’ve been getting for years and years.

    I know you’re matey with your MP Mr Sawford but niether he nor Labour will be part of any real changes.

    1. Steve – I admire my local MP rather than being matey with him. Who would you like me to vote for in the marginal Corby constituency? Seriously…

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